7 Ways To Pamper Yourself On International Men’s Day

Turtle wishes International mens day

In our constantly moving world, it’s so important to take a timeout for even just a bit of relaxation and “me” time. Take a break from your usual routine and spend a day just with yourself. Spend time doing what you love, do that one thing you never have the time for .

Here are few ways to indulge yourself :-

Go for Biking

Do you remember the last time you ditched your car and rode your bike ? If you don’t remember then its high time you take out your bike and get some fresh air.

Go biking


Chill with friends

Do you even need a reason to meet your friends? But surely with the hectic lifestyle and busy schedules you get caught in your day to day routine. Catch up with your  friends , go to your favorite “adda”, make jokes  , just like old days.

chill with Turtle casual


Go Shopping

Isn’t it been a long time you loosen up your wallet and buy that one thing you have been eyeing on from so long. It can be anything from that expensive gadget to that designer shirt you saw. Instead of carrying shopping bags ; go shop for yourself . Shopping gives you happiness like none 😉 .

Shop Turtle mens clothing


Binge watch Netflix

 Laze around ,cuddle up in your sofa , and watch your favorite TV shows/movies all day with your favorite tub of popcorn and coke.

 Turtle wishes International Mens dayImage Source


Its time for that much awaited all boys weekend

Don’t you always look out for an opportunity for a all-boys hang-out ? Its time you take your planning seriously .

Turtle wishes International Mens day


Get hooked onto Play Station all day without any disturbance

Come on! We know you love gaming. So why not indulge. Slip into your favorite casuals , invite your friends , get some snacks and get ready for the match .

Turtle wishes International Mens Day

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Take a Spa Day

 Spend the day at your favorite spa. De-stress yourself with the body massages , manicure, pedicure.

Turtle wishes International Mens Day

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So, what are you waiting for? Its your day Men !! Make the most of it. Happy International Men’s Day!!!

6 Tips To Travel Light and Smart

6 Tips To Travel Light And Smart

Business travel combines of two most important goals – You  want to ensure you have enough clothes for all the different events and meetings you’ll be attending and also want to conserve space and not end up carrying  too much luggage. Sounds contradicting and difficult to balance? Trust us, it may seem contradicting but it isn’t difficult at all. We’ll show you how to crack the business deal sartorially without weighing down your luggage. Keep on reading…

1.  Choose the right size bag :

It’s important to pick the right size bag. Most of the time you’ll be flying, limiting yourself to one big bag and may be a laptop bag. Carrying one right size of bag keeps it manageable for you in many ways. For cash, cards or other essentials it’s fine to carry a small hand luggage though. Saves time indeed!

Turtle Bags2. Pick the right fabric for your clothes :

Versatile and low-maintenance clothing is the key to packing light for business travel. Always choose clothes that folds up small and comes with Easy To Iron finish. Also keep the weather of the place you’re traveling to in mind. Pick colors which won’t show up stains in case you spill some drink on it at the after-meeting party.

Turtle Men's Clothing Fabric

3.  More of crossover looks :

Always be a smart traveler .Carry Shirts that have detachable collars and cuffs that can be easily converted from day formal wear to stylish evening  party wear.

Turtle Men's Crossover Look


4.  Keep the right size toiletries with you :

Carry those small cute refill bottles for your toiletries that fit in your hand luggage. Remember not to carry more than 100ml liquids for hassle-free security check-ins at airports 😉 . Use non-electric toothbrushes and shavers instead of their electric counterparts, as they’re smaller and require no cables and chargers and are light in weight.

Turtle Men's Perfume Deo Combo

5.  Use packing organizers :

How you pack is just as important as what you pack. By using organizers like packing cubes or compression bags, you can fit more clothes into your luggage.

Turtle Bags

Image source

6.  Pack stylish yet comfortable shoes

Carrying shoes can be bulky and it may take up loads of space in the luggage. Carry a single pair of shoes that goes well with the kind of clothes you’re packing, dressy yet not so OTT.

Turtle Men's Footwear

So, here you go. Now you know these small hacks which will help you to be trendy and yet travel light and smart. Make the most of your business trip in style guys!

5 Types Of Trouser Fit – All What You Must Know Before Picking A Pair

Men's Trouser Fit

Picking up the right clothing can be difficult. After all, it’s not every day that you find the perfect color, pattern or style for your frame. Finding the best fit for bottom-wear is daunting even more. Without a perfect fit a great style may lose its grandeur. Relax! By knowing some simple details you can find the best fit for yourself. You’ll be able to find the right fit only when you know what suits you. Have a look below at the 5 types of trouser fits available:

1. The bigger the better with baggy: Let’s start with the bigger one. Love your pair of trousers to be loose & relaxed? If yes then baggy is the best style for you. As the designers suggest the style has to be carefully tailored close to the body in slim cut. Neither too lose nor too tight. Got the cue?

Baggy Fit Trousers

Source: Pinterest

2. The skinny act: Stark opposite of baggy – the skinny fit. If your frame is a bit thinner, or to be precise, if you’ve a narrow waist, slender legs & a medium height then skinny can be the best pick for you. It’s quite narrow a fit. For people with a sturdy frame, skinny fit may not be that comfortable. So pick wisely. P.S. sport the skinny fit trousers with a layered look, with shirt & T-shirt for a trendy silhouette.

Skinny Fit Trousers

Source: Pinterest

3. Simple, stylish, slim fit: Love to sport a no-nonsense shapely look without getting clingy? Slim fit aka the Bolson fit is perfect for you. It neither bulges you with extra fabric around the legs, nor sits uncomfortably tight on your skin. It’s comfortably longer in the overall rise & structured through the length of the leg with a regular hem. An absolutely relaxed and timeless fit!

Turtle Slim Fit Trousers

4. Ultimate ultra slim fit: Neither skinny nor slim? Try ultra slim fit or the Slider fit. In design, it sits comfortably in between slim fit & skinny fit. It gives you tapered look than slim fit & a little more space than skinny fit. Of course this is a rather casual look. So opt for chinos & denims in ultra slim fit.

Turtle Ultra Slim Fit Trousers

5. Cropped makes a cut: A cropped cut fits slightly wider than the skinny fit through the hip and thigh. It comes with a shorter cropped length on the leg. Another hit with funky chinos.

Cropped Trousers

Source: Pinterest

Now you know what the best pair is for you. Just go ahead with measurements & pick the smart fit. Also, don’t forget to keep the occasion in mind before going formal, casual or traditional. Best of luck guys!

4 Tips From #GoT That Fashionistas Must Follow

Fashion Tips That #GoT Teaches Us

Ever got fashionably inspired by your favorite movie or television stars? If yes, then no doubt you’re the one bitten by the fashion bug.

Now that winter is here, the latest fashion fad comes from #GoT. And we are not only talking about the flowing gown, robes & armors. Take a closer look to find something more out of it. Like…

  1. They love to go natural:

“Natural”animal fur is all over GoT. All thanks to Jon Snow for his winter look. However, in reality, this style isn’t something very nature-friendly. But you can still be in the league of going absolutely natural. Wondering how? By sporting something natural like pure linen & cotton. So, opting for a cotton or linen shirt is the viable option. Need variety? Try cotton linen, it’s the perfect mix of pure fabrics, comfortable and most importantly, easy to maintain.

Opt for natural fiber instead of animal furSource: giphy.com

  1. What do all of them have in common?

It’s the right mix of attitude and fashion. No matter what they wear, their attitude lets it speak for themselves. So, take the cue from Tyrion & carry that favorite Turtle shirt of yours with aplomb to make a difference in your everyday formal and casual look.

Attitude with fashion mattersSource: giphy.com

  1. Why so serious?

Stark seriousness suits the brooding mood of GoT characters but you don’t have to be that serious all the time. If we say wear Turtle, don’t take us too seriously and don’t opt for wearing a turtle shell. Rather buy your favorite Turtle merchandise, a classy shirt, a knitted chino, denim or a cool T-shirt and contribute to the cause of conserving turtles. After all, conserving fashion is fashionable too. Agree?

Seriousness with moderationSource: giphy.com

  1. Diplomatic, in layering of course:

The art of layering is important, just the way your favorite characters have mastered. Imagine those hectic days of “work hard party harder” when you’re running out of time and need a quick switch from work to party look. Of course carrying a long furry trench coat is not what we mean. You can rather go for a semi formal blazer or stylish waistcoat.  Layer it on a structured formal shirt for business and a polo neck T-shirt for the Sunday brunch. Keep your tie & cufflinks on at work and carry a scarf & pocket square for the party look.

Layer it with outerwearPic courtesy: www.telegraph.co.uk

Now it’s your turn to rock the fashion scene like your favorite series. Go(T) for it guys!

6 Smashing Ways To Master The Monochrome

mono blog
They say it’s not easy to pick colors. From weather to occasion to your surroundings, everything has an impact on the way you pick colors. However, there is still a way-out for those who find it difficult to manage colors. It’s monochrome, the evergreen (rather the B&W) way to play it safe and stylish on the fashion scene. Not sure how to wear it? Here is the guide for you to master the monochrome art.

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